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Redmine Time Puncher
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Man-Hour Input App

Redmine Time Puncher

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Simply drag and drop to accurately enter work time into tickets without hassle. Daily, accurate recording of work time for each ticket will help you track progress and improve the accuracy of future estimates.

Six Key Points!

Main Features

A day’s work at a glance

Retrieve Activities from Redmine

You can obtain a Redmine activity log. You can look back at the day’s work at a glance, making it easier to enter daily work results.

Can see email and meeting history

Integration with Outlook and Teams

You can retrieve appointments and outgoing mail from Outlook and status and call logs from Teams. This helps to enter more accurate work performance.

Can record to non-ticket

CSV output, linkage with external tools

The entered work records can not only be recorded in Redmine, but also saved in CSV format. It can also be passed to an external tool, such as an attendance management system, to activate the external tool.

The app determines the category of the tickets

Automatic sorting of work categories

Work categories can be automatically assigned according to pre-defined conditions based on multiple pieces of information such as tracker, status, title, assignments, parent ticket, etc. set for the ticket.

No need to search for tickets from your browser

Listing of My Tickets

You can view a list of tickets assigned to you. The list is sorted by priority, and expired and high priority tickets are colored, so you can see at a glance which ticket to deal with first.

Also displays filtered tickets in Redmine

Listing of Custom Queries

A custom query can be specified to display a list of tickets.